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Non Economic Loss and Damage

• Research on how non-economic loss and damage to push forward the frontier of types of loss and damage can be valued and therefore better addressed through financial transfer. Earlier work2 sets out well that although the term non-economic implies that NELD cannot be valued (or costed) there are many ways that this could be done.

• Culture and climate change. ICCCAD will help facilitate contacts among a different artists and performers with interest to work with local communities facing climate impacts to explore how to raise resilience and reduce loss and damage.

• How indigenous and traditional people and communities address loss and damage. The research will observe how NELD manifests in local communities. How does climate change affect their health, culture, surroundings, and other aspects of their lives? How are indigenous and traditional people and communities responding and what lessons are their for others.

• Ways to address loss and damage with marginalized and excluded/displaced people. Climate risks are multiplied when vulnerable people have been excluded or displaced from their homes and communities. Some very large populations of displaced people exist in circumstances whereby their rights as citizens have been lost. Addressing the loss and damage they face should be of highest priority – but how is this best accomplished?