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About us

The Loss and Damage Forum (LDF) is a collaborative platform and virtual workspace where resources and tools are shared among a group of practitioners, researchers and decision makers across the world, with a prime focus of connecting local to global, to support and address climate change induced loss and damage.
With the hope of efficiently enabling the vulnerable countries to understand and tackle loss and damage, LDF aims to create a unified workspace where team members regularly communicate, share their knowledge and work together.


To create a knowledge hub and an integrated platform to connect local to global.


LDF is centered around discussion, creating a knowledge hub, having a searchable archive of loss and damage resources, and an integrated instant discussion active board, etc. LDF mission is to connect experts and practitioners from each corner of the world in one unified platform to exchange information, knowledge dissemination to strengthen communication networks. It will provide an outstanding living platform to reach any part of the world with a broader spectrum of activities related to loss damage on an instance.

Our Objectives

To initiate research and engagement with partners and vulnerable country governments to enable capacity building to tackle loss and damage. To develop technical support and funding mechanism for Loss and Damage.