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ICCCAD L&D Programme

  • UNFCCC Domain: The UNFCCC Domain of the ICCCAD L&D Program focuses on supporting and mobilizing international climate action and solidarity, with respect to the Loss & Damage agenda, by supporting and giving inputs to the Warsaw International Mechanism, Santiago Network and tracking and helping mobilize action on Loss and Damage Finance 
  • Research Domain: The ICCCAD L&D Research Team focuses on 4 major L&D research areas: Framing of Loss & Damage, Non-Economic Loss & Damage, Loss & Damage from gender lens, storytelling on Loss & Damage 
  • LDC Domain: The LDC programme on Loss & Damage (LPLD) focuses on strengthening the capacity of the 46 LDCs to address L&D from climate change through 5 stages awareness raising via national scoping study, stakeholder engagement, capacity building, design of potential national mechanism and finally enabling LDC governments to access finance from national and international sources. 
  • Bangladesh Domain: ICCCAD has a key role for setting up a national level Multi Actor Partnership (MAP), by engaging and synergizing cross cutting ministries officials, building their capacity and enabling them to finally set up of the first National Mechanism on Loss & Damage 
  • Capacity Building Domain: The aim of L&D capacity-building activities are to foster an improved state of knowledge, capacity and technologies to understand, address and track impacts of loss and damage, by fostering collaborative efforts on L&D negotiators and build capacities of a new cohort of Young Negotiators and practitioners. 
  • Climate Displacement Domain: ICCCAD Climate Displacement team will work and collaborate with Humanitarian sector to improve the predictability of our engagement to anticipate and prepare for emergencies brought on by climate-related and other natural hazards and devise innovative mechanisms to cope, for instance through development of Climate Resilient Migrant Friendly Cities 
  • L&D Youth Domain: ICCCAD intends to foster young voices, like that of Friday’s For Future and YoutNet Justice, by supporting them through their interventions. ICCCAD further plans to mentor their Youth Cohorts to be active members of L&D Team. 
  • Media and Advocacy Domain: The media and advocacy domain coordinates advocacy and policy work around loss & damage, carrying out outreach to key stakeholders and political influencers to raise awareness of the importance of loss and damage, and contribute to Global events like SBs, COPs and Global Gobeshona Conferences, set up National and Local advocacy events and through publication of Special L&D Policy Briefs and Climate Tribune Issues on Loss & Damage