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Framing of Loss and Damage

• The ways that loss and damage is framed currently for the purposes of UNFCCC based negotiations and for advocating ways to address loss and damage does not meet many stakeholders’ expectations. Researchers will need to help find a more coherent and accessible replacement framing. A living document providing responses to frequently asked questions on loss and damage has been initiated. This will act as updatable source of information for people wanting know more about loss and damage.

• The limitations of climate adaptation and the need to address loss and damage. Too often climate adaptation is seen from the normative perspective and little attention is paid to its effectiveness. Loss and damage results when adaptation is not effective and/or when mal-adaptation occurs. This reciprocal relation between adaptation and loss and damage needs better understood. The residual impacts of loss and damage following adaptation need counted into the adaptation effectiveness metrics.

• Distinguishing loss and damage from other components of climate change. Loss and damage became ‘halal’ at COP26 in Glasgow – but due to the reticence of many in the UNFCCC to deliberate directly on what loss and damage is and how to address it there remains confusion and ignorance on these topics. Research is needed to both examine sensitively what loss and damage is and to generate accessible and useful descriptions.