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Petition to name the Loss & Damage Fund as Loss & Damage Huq Fund

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Dr. Saleemul Huq’s tireless effort in advancing our understanding of climate change-induced loss and damage have had a profound impact on vulnerable countries and communities worldwide. His extensive research, policy advocacy, and community engagement initiatives have not only shaped the discourse on climate resilience but have also inspired countless individuals and organizations to take meaningful actions. Rationale:

  • Recognition of Excellence: Naming the fund as the Loss & Damage Huq Fund would serve as a fitting tribute to Dr. Huq’s decades of dedicated service to the global climate change community.
  • Inspiring Future Generations: Associating Dr. Huq’s name with the fund will inspire future generations of scientists, researchers, and activists to follow in his footsteps and contribute to the fight against climate change-induced loss and damage.
  • Global Acknowledgment: This gesture is a reflection of global recognition of Dr. Huq’s significant contributions to climate science, policy, and advocacy.
  • Symbolic meaning: The meaning of the name ‘Huq’ in both Bengali, Urdu and other South Asian countries means ‘Rights’, which emphasizes the fund’s purpose in supporting and safeguarding the rights of people affected by climate change induced loss and damage.




Ethics and Principles Open Letter to COP28 Presidency
Petition Signatories: We, the undersigned, urge you to consider naming the NEW FUND as The Loss & Damage Huq Fund as a testament to Dr. Huq’s unwavering commitment AND EXCEPTIONAL CONTRIBUTIONS to THE FIELDS OF ADAPTATION, climate resilience, ADDRESSING LOSS AND DAMAGE. This will further uphold his vision to ensuring that this fund succeeds in serving the rights of the vulnerable. We kindly request you to bring this petition to the attention of the relevant stakeholders and decision-makers within your organization. Dr. Huq’s legacy deserves to be celebrated and remembered, and naming the fund would be a meaningful way to do so. Thank you for your time and consideration. We look forward to your positive response. Sincerely, International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD)