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The LDC programme on Loss & Damage (LPLD) is a recently initiated programmatic approach to carry out research and evidence gathering as well as capacity building on L&D in every LDC over time. The ultimate objective of the programme is to strengthen the capacity of the 46 LDCs to address L&D from climate change with a focus on the most vulnerable communities within countries. The programme consists of five levels: Awareness raising; Stakeholder engagement; Capacity building; Preparations, design and feasibility testing; Drawing in financing from national and international sources. Depending on the availability of resources, each country will move from one level to the next over successive years. Clusters of LDCs will turn into communities of practice to share learning and accelerate progress. 


Level 1: Awareness raising

•Commissioning and dissemination of scoping studies.

Level 2: Stakeholder engagement

•The outputs at this level will be coordinated stakeholder engagement in the exploration of ways to address current and future losses and damages.

Level 3: Capacity building

•Capacity building for national and sub-national level stakeholders.

•Bespoke training modules to be developed, piloted and implemented.

Output will be a cadre of national specialists able to conduct the tasks required to address losses and damages of different types and at different scales.

Level 4: Preparations for addressing loss and damage with finance from national and international sources

•LUCCC partner will coordinate a process of consultation and collaborative design of a (sub)national mechanism to address loss and damage.

•Comprehensive climate risk layering approaches and the associated finance options and sources will be considered.

•Feasibility of options for addressing economic losses and damages will be examined including.

Level 5: Drawing in financing from national and international sources

•The country will identify sources of finance—National or international—to run the mechanism.

•The collaborative design team will prepare and submit proposals to funding sources.