Project: Capacity Building for National, Provincial Stakeholders and Local Communities on Loss and Damage Related to Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation

Status: Ongoing

Project Summary: Vietnam suffers a significant increase of climate extremes in recent time with complicated occurrences of typhoons, floods and other extreme events. Although Vietnam has been active in implementing Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) initiatives at all levels, Loss and Damage (L+D) still occur and severely affect vulnerable communities, especially remote communities. Recognizing the risk of dealing with unavoidable L+D, the Department of Meteorology Hydrology and Climate Change (where the office of National Target Program responding to climate change and the office of National Climate Change Committee is based ) collaborates with HR to propose a series of capacity building activities, including a workshop at national level, two (02) training courses at provincial level and three (03) training courses at district and commune level. Proposed activities aim to establish a comprehensive linkage between national agencies and local communities on developing and implementing activities in response to immediate impacts of disasters while ensuring a sustainable foundation of knowledge and knowledge transfer to effectively reduce long-term impacts of climate change.

At national level, a workshop for designated agencies on climate change at central levels in Vietnam will be organised with participation of leaders of line departments under governmental ministries and Provincial People’s Committees who directly involve in policy-making processes on climate change under supervision and coordination of Vietnam NTP and disaster reduction coordinated by the Central Committee for Flood and Storm Control (CCFSC). The workshop seeks to improve the coordination role of Vietnam NTP in directing and ensuring the effectiveness of disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation activities by line ministries and provinces. Contents for the workshops and training courses, developed under in-depth analyses and assessments by a group of selected experts, will include (i) enhancing the knowledge-base of CCA-DRR-L+D including colloquially understanding of Loss and Damage and linkages between DDR and CCA, (ii) documenting successful practices of local, experiential and indigenous knowledge; and (iii) discussing potential integration of DRR and CCA to address L+D for sustainable development and how to establish linkages between DDR and CCA strategies to formulate a better protocol.

At provincial level, training courses on measures to address L+D based on CCA and DRR initiatives will be organised with the participation of key officials of line departments and agencies directly involved in implementing disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation activities. For more information please click here. For all other inquiries please contact Dr. Le Minh Nhat (Senior Official, Department of Meteorology Hydrology and Climate Change).