The September edition includes articles from ICCCAD, Climate Analytics, ActionAid and Dhaka Tribune. Topics in this newsletter include: expert workshop on non-economic loss and damage, developments on the negotiations leading up to Paris, WIM Supporters Group, high-level multilogue on loss and damage organized in Bangladesh and the Resilience Academy.
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The July edition of the newsletter includes articles on our latest workshop in Bonn during the 42nd meeting of the Subsidiary Bodies (SB42), information about our ongoing work, linking loss and damage to DRR and CCA in Southeast Asia, addressing slow onset impacts in the Philippines, unpacking what loss and damage means from a gender lens, and finally an article conceptualizing non-economic loss and damage. Thank you again to all our contributing authors this month!
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The March edition of the Asia Pacific Forum on Loss and Damage is brought to you from the World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (WCDRR). This edition features articles on linking loss and damage to the WCDRR, operationalizing the Warsaw International Mechanism, updates from ActionAid Bangladesh and an article on an innovative proposal to fund loss and damage.
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The December edition of the Newsletter series is focused on supporting the 20th Conference of the Parties (COP) taking place in Lima, Peru this month. As such, the newsletter includes articles from ICCCAD, UNU-EHS, LEAD Pakistan, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, and CANSA. Topics in this newsletter include: progress on loss and damage in the negotiations; feedback from the two-year workplan; measuring non-economic losses; progress on APN toolbox for assessing loss and damage, and; ACPC work on loss and damage in Africa.

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The October Newsletter features an article from experts from the World Resources Institute along with detailed summaries of 12 projects from the APN Climate Adaptation Framework Initiative. For more information on these projects please click here.

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The third edition of our newsletter series was released in August and contains four articles related to the challenges of calculating losses and damages. With articles written by Stephanie Andrei, Tae Sung Cheong, Vositha Wijenayake, and Harjeet Singh, the newsletter pulls from various country experiences and introduces a number of methods for tackling such challenges.

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The second edition of the Asia Pacific Forum on Loss and Damage is a special edition on frequently asked questions. It provides brief, yet comprehensive, responses to some of the most common questions new researchers on loss and damage are looking answers for. With references to some of the most relevant articles on the topic to date, the June 2014 edition is a valuable ‘go to’ manual on loss and damage. The edition covers questions such as: What is loss and damage? What progress has been made at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change? What role does adaptation play in reducing future losses and damages? Who is vulnerable to experiencing loss and damage? What approaches can be implemented to address loss and damage due to climate change? What current methods and tools are available to support risk assessment? What do methodologies look like for assessing future loss and damage? The FAQs will continue to expand. A form can be found at the bottom of the FAQs page for others to ask additional questions and/or provide feedback on existing responses..

Asia Pacific Forum on Loss and Damage_ June Newsletter 2014Asia Pacific Forum on Loss and Damage_June Newsletter 2014

The first Asia Pacific Forum on Loss and Damage Newsletter was published in time for the Eighth Annual Community-Based Adaptation (CBA) Conference that was held in Kathmandu, Nepal, from 27-30 April 2014. The event welcomed over 500 participants in Kathmandu in addition to 600 virtual interactive participants from all over the world. As the success of adaptation efforts is critical to avoiding loss and damage, the newsletter was released in order to enhance the dialogue between practitioners, researchers and policymakers working on loss and damage and those working on adaptation. The newsletter presents four short case studies from Bangladesh, Nepal, India and the Philippines on the limits to loss and damage research. Here representatives from organizations such as AIDMI, ICSC and IDS provided insights on the importance of loss and damage research. Finally, UNU-EHS provided a short synopsis of an empirical study of loss and damage research they conducted in nine countries, four of which are located in the Asia-Pacific.

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